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Sorry About That..
Posted by: Iffy Sahara at 2:30 PM, 8/11/09

Iffy Sahara
Wow, we haven't updated the site in like, A YEAR!? That automatically proves how lazy I really am with business like running a website. But, I have added a few pages and fixed some other things aswell. Won't see content until my real life stops being so dramatic. Just be happy that we're not dead yet.

Complete Blasphemy, My Dear
Posted by: Iffy Sahara at 3:53 PM, 8/5/08

Iffy Sahara
As most of you can see SFHQ's website is finally up and running. Now everyone do a happy dance, seriously. Like barely any pages to none are up so yeah... Until I get a new computer we won't be seeing much content. I also need to get my camera working... bla...bla... Yeah... But the layout is awesome, am I right? Well bye bye now.

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